Copy of Housing

Other Housing Tools

It takes many different tools to address housing needs and the city is currently engaged on a number of policy strategies. Other options to help address the housing crisis include:

Condo Conversion Ordinance

Requires a permit to convert a rental apartment into condominiums, with a cap on the percentage of conversions allowed each year

Governs tenant notification of a conversion with a given timeline

Provides the tenant with the right to purchase the unit after conversion

Could require the landlord to provide reimbursement for moving costs

Rental Subsidies

Fills in the gap between market rents and what a household can afford to pay, based on spending no more than 30% of household income on housing

Could include assistance with security deposits, moving costs, or utility bills

Construction on underutilized land in established neighborhoods and commercial centers.

Infill Development

As of right permit process that requires a minimum of 20% of units be affordable

40R Smart Growth Overlay District

Identify and remove barriers to development in the Zoning Ordinance

Remove Zoning Barriers

Re-use buildings originally built for a use other than housing for housing

Adaptive Reuse