Imagine Salem Guiding Principles

While principles specifically related to the community, housing, employment, transportation, and education are listed, the topics have numerous overlaps and connections among each other and with other topics, such as sustainability, equity, and inclusivity.



Salem believes in growing and supporting a diverse community, where people have equal opportunity and access to social and economic resources. The people of Salem should be able to participate in their community in meaningful ways, including the direction and intentions of their city government. Conversely, the wellbeing of the public should be at the forefront of the City of Salem’s governing objectives.



Salem recognizes the community’s right to safe, affordable, and life-enriching housing. The City encourages the production housing that meets the varied needs of its population at all price points. Salem also recognizes that quality housing can only exist where there is access to good jobs, transportation choice, and necessary community amenities.



Salem’s economy should be a system that contributes to opportunity, a high quality of life, and a sense of community for the city’s residents, workforce, business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and visitors. The city recognizes its role in a regional labor market and business community, while asserting the primary importance of homegrown opportunities for the people of Salem.



Salem believes in an accessible local and regional transportation system that provides alternative modes of transportation and choices. Salem aims to have a true multi-modal transportation system that encourages active and sustainable transportation choices for everyday trips and empowers all travelers to safely use the streets. The City recognizes the crucial role that a sustainable transportation system plays in opening up opportunities for the Salem community.



The Salem Public School strategic planning process began in earnest with a multi-stage endeavor and resulted with the following community-developed vision:

All students will be locally engaged, globally connected, and fully prepared to thrive in a diverse and changing world.

See Salem’s Public School’s strategic plan or visit for more information.