Copy of Housing

Homes for Salem Video Series

“If we want to continue to be the type of community we are today, a place that welcomes people of different backgrounds and income levels, we need to be thoughtful about our policies. These videos will help explain why we’re in this situation today and, most importantly, what we can do about it together.”
— Mayor Kim Driscoll

To help residents better understand the housing crisis in Salem and what can be done about it, the City and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council launched Homes for Salem, a four-part video series, explaining. the importance of creating affordable housing policies in Salem.

The video series begins with an introduction to the housing market in Salem and includes reflections from Salem residents and local workers on their experiences with finding affordable places to live in Salem.

Mayor Driscoll, Cynthia Nina-Soto, Andrew DeFranza, and Deputy Chief Dionne are among the many voices appearing in Homes for Salem.

Homes for Salem: PartS I - IV